The IMAGe Lab is always open to new members. The IMAGe Lab offers members the unique opportunity to participate in all levels of research: from data collection, to research design to writing proposals and papers, everyone is welcomed to contribute in whichever way they can.

Moreover, the IMAGe Lab is always open to new ideas for research. Many of our projects have begun with student questions.  Even fledgling ideas can gain strength with the support of a team of like minded researchers.

If you are looking to gain research experience, enhance your CV, or just want to test out some of your theories, contact Dr. Arleigh Reichl at, or contact Kristina Uyeda (Lab Manager) at



The IMAGe Lab is always running research. If you would be interested in participating, please sign up through the online research pool at

If you have any difficulty creating or managing your account, please contact the Psychology Lab for assistance.

Surrey Psychology Lab –  e: p: 604-599-2161

Richmond Psychology Lab – e: p:  604-599-2527