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Girls Receive Conflicting Career Messages From Media, New Research Shows

Teenage girls like and feel more similar to women in appearance-focused jobs such as models and actresses, though they find female CEOs and military pilots to be better role models, according to a new study by researchers at Oregon State University.

Do Superheroes Model Damaging Gender Roles to Kids?

Watching TV shows with Iron Man or the Hulk might make little boys more prone to gender-stereotyped play and make both boys and girls more likely to play with pretend weapons, new research finds.

The Posters that Warned against the Horrors of a World with Women’s Rights

Between the 1890s and early 1900s, thousands of illustrations like this were produced and distributed around the United States and England, on postcards, in magazines and on public billboards. The message was that women’s rights were dangerous and letting women think for themselves could only end in a nightmarish society.

Gender Ads Project

Gender Ads is committed to promoting awareness of gender issues in advertising. We have not counted, but it claims to feature 3,860 ads!

Miss Representation

This documentary explores how the media’s misrepresentations have led to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence. Worth a watch.

Johanna Blakly: Social Media and the End of Gender

An interesting TED talk on the origins of prejudice in advertising and solutions for equality.

5 Gender Stereotypes That Used To Be the Exact Opposite

Although this is a humour site, it does shed some light on myths that most of us have endorsed at some time and to some extent. You might be surprised. Warning: the content may be a little PG-13.

On The Status of Women In The Western World: Everything is Not Okay

An interesting article that nicely summarizes women’s representation in various spheres. Perhaps more interestingly, this outraged blogger is a man.

Why gender should be an issue in the media

Here we are provided a little insight into how decisions behind the scenes can translate into gender-biased news and media coverage.