Dr. Arleigh Reichl

IMAGe Lab Director

B.A. (Chicago), M.A. (Iowa), Ph.D. (Iowa)


Research Interests:

Influence and persuasion; intergroup relations; prejudice and discrimination; person perception;  attributions forbehaviour

Courses Taught:

  • Psyc 1100 Introduction to Psychology: Basic Processes
  • Psyc 1200 Introduction to Psychology: Areas and Applications
  • Psyc 2330 Social Psychology
  • Psyc 2370 Theories of Personality
  • Psyc 3210 Attitudes & Persuasion

  • Psyc 3220 Group Dynamics

  • Psyc 3300 Applied Statistics II

  • Psyc 3500 Interpersonal Relations I
  • Lbed 3310 Power Relationships I


Arleigh Reichl earned his PhD in social psychology from the University of Iowa in 1994, but was fortunate to move to Canada in 1991 when his wife, Kim, joined the Faculty of Education at UBC. After teaching as a sessional instructor and serving as a statistics/methods advisor at UBC, Arleigh was hired full time at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 1996 (Kwantlen College at the time) where he has remained. As part of his commitment to teaching, Arleigh has helped to develop and maintain the Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and has worked to promote research at Kwantlen. Arleigh has conducted research in the areas of intergroup discrimination and person perception. More recently, his research has focused on the effects of exposure to subtle, unrecognized sexism in print ads. In 2009 Arleigh founded the Issues in Media, Advertising and Gender (IMAGe) research lab to further this research while giving students the opportunity to gain valuable research experience.

Curriculum Vitae


Amanda Paananen

Lab Manager

B.A. Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing


Research Interests

personality, gender, media, empathy, psychopathology, forensic psychology, bio-psychology, social and historical psychology

Research Experience:

TCPS II certification, research design, literature review, data collection & entry, statistical analysis


I am currently in the final semester of my undergraduate degree in Psychology. Additionally, I work as psychology and academic writing tutor for both KPU and WriteAway. I also facilitate a weekly Community Adult Literacy program (CALP). In my spare time, I contribute to The Runner, Kwantlen’s News and Culture Source.

IMG_2955Sharon Neb

Research Assistant

BA in Psychology, Minors in Counselling, Certificate in NGO and nonprofit studies



Research Interests

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, mental health stigmas, gender, cognition, psychopathology, issues in media and advertising

Research Experience

TCPS II Certification, data collection & entry, research design


I am currently in my first year at Kwantlen and I became a member of the IMAGe lab shortly after graduating high school. I am working towards a BA in psychology with a minors in counselling and a degree in NGO and nonprofit studies. After completing my BA, I hope to do a Masters in counselling. Aside from my work at the IMAGe lab, I am a photographer for The Runner. I also have great interest in the field of marketing and hope to one day start my own nonprofit organization. Outside of school, I enjoy time with my friends, family and my dog and my hobbies are making bouquets, reading, travelling, cooking and yoga.

Jordan Procyk 

Research Assistant

BA Psychology, Minor Counselling

Research Interests

stress & coping, health & wellness, motivation, cognition, culture, psychopathology, gender & sexuality, advertising & media

Research Experience

TCPS II Certification, data collection & entry, research design, statistical analysis, literature review


I am currently in my fourth year at Kwantlen, working towards a BA in Psychology with a minor in Counselling. I plan on going to grad school in the future, although I have yet to decide between Counselling and Psychology.  In addition to volunteering with the IMAGe Lab, I am an RA with the Lifespan Cognition Lab at Kwantlen.  Outside of school and work, I enjoy running, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.

2014-06-07_Jacobsen, S.D._IMAGe Lab PhotoScott Jacobsen

Research Assistant



Research Interests

cognitive psychology, epistemological psychology, gender and sex studies, giftedness, Greek history, historical philosophy, historical psychology, informational cosmology, international relations, journalism, logic, linguistics, philosophy of science, positive psychology, psychiatry, psychometrics, set theory, statistics, and international women’s rights


Scott Douglas Jacobsen presents posters, panels, and papers independently and with varied research labs and groups. University of California, Irvine’s (UCI) Interdisciplinary Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality awarded him with the distinction of Francisco Ayala Scholar. He authored/co-authored Inquiry: Musings from Mentorship (2014), The Dr. Jonathan Wai Interview [Academic] (2015), The Rick G. Rosner Interview [Academic] (2015), KPU Psychology Insights: Instructor & Alumni Interviews [Casual] (2015), An Introduction to Informational Cosmology [Academic] (2015), Rick G. Rosner: Collected Journal Writings (1991-2014) [Academic] (2015), The Ben Best Interview [Academic] (2015), and The Paul Cooijmans Interview [Academic] (2015).  He founded In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal and In-Sight Publishing, He works in the IMAGe Lab and the Lifespan Cognition Lab. He published numerous articles in The PeakThe Ubyssey, In-SightSynapseAmerican Enterprise Institute (AEI), TeenFinancial, and Noesis: The Journal of the Mega Society. If you want to contact Scott, you may inquire or comment through e-mail:

Selected Publications

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  2. Rosner, R.G., &Jacobsen, S.D. (2014, November). Interview with Rick Rosner (Part One). Noesis: Journal of The Mega Society. 197. 4-13. Retrieved from
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  8. Loftus, E. & Jacobsen, S.D. (2013, April). Elizabeth Loftus: Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology, and Professor of Law, and Cognitive Science at the University of California, Irvine. In-Sight, 2.A, 24-39. Retrieved from




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